Open Source

Open Source


ThreadTalk.JS is distributed for free under the MIT License .

Libraries used

ThreadTalk.JS relies heavily on the following open source libraries:

  • emailjs : Used to send emails over SMTP from within Netlify Functions.
  • FaunaDB Javascript Driver : Used to connect to FaunaDB from within Netlify Functions.
  • GoTrue.js : Used to authenticate users client-side.
  • Node Fetch : Used as a polyfill for browser-like Fetch API in Netlify Functions.
  • Showdown : Used to parse Markdown to HTML within Netlify Functions.
  • Hugo : Used as a Static Site Generator to build the documentation website.


The above list is not supposed to be complete or extensive by any means. ThreadTalk.JS depends on a lot more services and some of them are not free or open-source. Even then, without them, ThreadTalk.JS won’t work. Furthermore, there are a lot of underlying dependencies that the above list might be using themselves. Thus, the list is endless.


ThreadTalk.JS could not have been possible without the direct contributions of the following people:


A list of modifications of ThreadTalk.JS:

  • None, at present

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