The scope of support would cover any problems with the usage of ThreadTalk.JS. It might include bugs, unexpected behaviour, possible optimizations & improvements and feature requests. It would not include help with integrations in your website, modification requests or issues caused due to someone else’s code. There won’t be any support for forked versions too.


Any of the above acceptable types of issues should be opened as a new discussion on GitHub . For feature requests, check if the request is already in works. It’s important to check for any existing discussion before starting a new one. Do note that, no one should open an issue directly. The discussion will first confirm the problem and then I’ll open an issue myself. This is to keep the issue section clean and the communication out of issue tracking. If someone’s found asking for support elsewhere like in issues or comments in the demo, they won’t ever be answered by me.


It is important to understand that ThreadTalk.JS is a project I undertook in my free time. Thus, I might not always have the bandwidth to fix all the issues, add all features, etc. Moreover, I’m no JavaScript expert, so chances are the library is not the best performing one. In any case, I do accept such shortcomings and would like to fix all of that, but do note, it might take time.